Red: Signifying blood 

So you shall not pollute the land in which you are; for blood pollutes the land and no expiation can be made for the land for the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it.'

Numbers 35:33

and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, "How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?"

Revelation 6:10 '
  • Pray for Repentance for the blood shed on our land. Plead for God's mercy. 
  • Pray Against any further blood shed in this nation
  • Pray against the ignored wrongs of the older generations

Black: meaning the black population

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Galatians 5:13-14 '

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14'
  • Pray that God's people will arise and earnestly seek God on behalf of the nation
  • Pray that Kenyans and all inhabitants will love each other

Green: Kenya's fertile landscape and its natural wealth

But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; 8 or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. 9 Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? 10 In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

Job 12:7-10 '
  • Pray for God's beautiful creation in Kenya
  • Pray against destruction and wastage of natural resources
  • Pray for fairness in distribution of natural wealth and resources especially the highly economic resources 

White: peace and unity

Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.'
Romans 14:19 'So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.'

1 Peter 3:8 '
  • Pray for unity of believers
  • Pray for peace and love to abide in our hearts
  • Pray that the leaders work towards a Godly common purpose.