In seeking to attain transformational fellowship here at Karura CC, we have been implementing the:

  1. Integration Ministries:
    Goal: To enable newcomers to experience the Karura family.
    • Karibu Ministry: welcomes and serves our first time visitors. Our hospitality team hosts visitors at the Karibu tent; from here, we start the process of incorporating our visitors, who are looking for a church to join, into the life of Karura CC. We seek to introduce them to a network of love and friendship.
    • Rudi Ministry: Engages new people within the community, helping them to integrate into the church family within their 3rd or 4th visit to Karura. We enable them connect with the Karura family and set them on the path to develop quality relationships and accountability.
    • Plug-In: This is a 12 weeks training experience aimed at cultivating new members, volunteers and church leaders with a view to enhancing commitment to the Karura family. Plug-In is the main avenue into Church membership. The Program Plugs you into God, and His purpose for your life. It helps you to:
      • Grow in your relationship with God; this is what you were created for!
      • Know what you believe-understand your faith better.
      • Become a connected and vibrant part of Karura CC, as you serve, grow and make friends.
  2. Fellowship Ministries:
    Goal:To become a Church where nobody walks alone.
    • Community Life Groups (CLG’s): These are small groups of 4-12 people: CLGs are the key pillar of body-life in the Church, enabling close and personal fellowship. The 4 ‘A’s (Affiliation, Affirmation, Accountability and Application) are integral in the CLG’s. The Bible clearly depicts the Church as a family, a body, each belonging to all the others, serving each other and helping each other grow and serve. We are committed to ensure “no one walks alone” as we seek to “Become Christ-Like disciples”. We conduct regular leadership training, spiritual emphasis campaigns and constantly avail relevant study materials to ensure fruitfulness and growth.
    • Affinity Groups: While the centre for affiliation remains in the CLGs there are need-based activities for affinity groups such as Men’s, Women’s, Singles, Couples among other groups. These create avenues where people in the same station of life can relate with and impact each other in their specific areas of need. These groups meet for fellowship, prayer, topical discussions of interest and outdoor activities.
    • Family life & Marriage Enrichment: There is a well established Pre-marital counselling programme; and Parenting classes in partnership with Children Ministry.
    • Pastoral Support, Visitation and Care:  We intentionally provide care and nurture for those in need within our Church family. We build the presence and relevant support of the Church body in the lives of members individually and corporately. The CLGs develop a closer Care function to the members.

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